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Sep. 24th, 2017 11:42 pm
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Johan is a complicated sociopath. If you think I'm playing him poorly, oddly, anything you don't like? Anything you do like? Just contact here.

Screened and ...possibly anon enabled. I'm still trying to figure that out.
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General Information

Name: Johan Liebert (Chosen name)

Residing: 836 Hastings Boulevard
Housemates: Anna (wife), Rarity (pet)


- The picture of himself as a child at the orphanage.
- The picture book "The Monster Without a Name"
- A photo of Anna
- A set of his normal clothes.
- This tape in its tape player
- The clothes and things he uses to dress up as his sister
- A bag of poisoned candies he uses to kill people
- His law books.
- That red Balloon he bought
- Some more of his books from home.
- The bottle of bourbon he offered to Richard.
- The gun he was threatening a kid with
- A collection of books from home

Character Relations

Fake Family:

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[Does Johan seem ...odd today? Well that depends on who you are as Johan shows many faces to many people. But today he's oddly cheerful.

Action: Johan is walking the streets of Mayfield with a smile. ..]

Hello there. Could I ask you a question?

[And after a fun day of tormenting people. Johan walks back home...hello Housemates.]
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[If Johan never saw a cute or adorable thing again he'd be quite happy. Why yes someone did survive a tea party with a bunch of magical enchanted ponies that probably even bled sparkly rainbows. He wished he could have found that out. Right now the monster inside of him would like nothing more then to destroy something. Which considering his talks with Anna...isn't a good thing. Mayfield today you can find your resident monster.....

A. In the park. Sitting by himself. At least he was. A kitten stalked him here and is now curled up on his lap. 

B. In the house, he's just sweeping the floor of the kitchen and humming to himself. The kitten is following him as he sweeps, attempting to grab the broom.

C. Reading a book as he walks the halls of the school. He doesn't seem to be watching where he's walking. Bump into him?]
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Well it's the start of another school year. My name is Johan Liebert, I teach elementary school. If you're in that school feel free to come to my class regardless of age. I'm sure we can find something at your level.

[A. There is a nice young German man teaching elementary this year. He's taking time to talk with anyone who shows up in the classroom. He seems a little tired, but there's a smile and he seems nice.

B. Staffroom. Fellow elementary teachers, high school teachers. There's a rather tired looking young man pouring himself a cup of tea. If you come into the room he'll offer you a cup.

C. Walking home from school that day. Johan apparently is being stalked instead of the other way around for once. People can see him with a small black kitten. He's found following him.]
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[Johan sometimes goes for walks. Nothing really odd about that. It's something to do. But tonight he's noticed something. It's very far he's only seen drones and that is rather odd.

So he decides to go out and explore a little more. Look for some non droned people.

If you don't look droned, he's going to come up and say hello.]
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 [Well after figuring out that Killdroning is not fun. Especially when said killer is Johan, the family has decided it's best that one of them drinks the milk. Johan managed to convince his sister that it should be him. So on Wednesday.

Well he isn't ...poisoned

A. Inside the house. Johan can be found reading a book. .....oh hey, he's smiling.

B. Outside the house. Still looks really really happy.]
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I have to say it's rather interesting to see that people are trying to become the Police Chief. After all we know what happened to the last one don't we? It turns out there is death here after all. 

Please try and remember that. People seem to forget that under the cheerful facade this place is quite twisted and dark. At least until the next event  and then they forget again. It's not wise to let your guard down like that.

I'd also like to point out the very likely possibility of being droned into a copy of the man, or something along those lines. But I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.  

No holidays in August here, what a nice coincidence for them. 


A. In the library. There's a few open books about law on the table and some notes written down on a pad of paper. Johan is looking at a nearby shelf. Looking through the books. He's kind of blocking the way though, so if you're going to walk by, you'll have to ask him to move.

B. Just out for a walk. He's not really going anywhere, just felt like walking.

C. At the store buying what looks like a kite]
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[Johan is dealing with the fact that Doctor Tenma is droned.....well, by ignoring it. He'll be back. He has to be back. So anyway, ignoring missing father figures. Might as well get back to wo- Oh. Right, the school was closed for the summer. How dull. He'll need to find something to do till then. ]

[Normal drone filter]

Hello Mayfield, my name is Johan Liebert and I teach in elementary school here. Considering it's the start of the summer and it looks like we'll be off for a few months, I was thinking we could organize some things to do for the kids. For when the town isn't trying to kill us of course. Maybe just meeting in the park and playing a game of soccer, or tag or something like that. 

If anyone's interested in joining a group like that, helping with it, or just has suggestions. I'd be happy to hear them. We  might as well make the best of this small break. 

[And Johan is bored again. Sigh. Trying not to kill people took even more effort then trying to kill them and it was less interesting too.  Today you can find him....
A. In the pharmacy, looking for something for a headache. 
B. In the park, sitting on a bench just watching a bird building a nest.
C. Just walking home with some flowers.]
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 [Action for household.

Johan wakes up suddenly. Hand clasping his forehead as he bolts up in the bed. His breathing is heavy, it's like he's woken up from a nightmare.

Which in a sense he was. At least if you counted being shot in the head as nightmare. The only difference was that this had actually happened.

And it wasn't Tenma.  He glances over to see the person laying next to him as he tries to calm his breathing.]

[Phone: Later that day. Johan sounds as calm as he always does.]
My sister and I are back. We seem to have moved houses though. We're now both at 836 Hastings Boulevard. Hm... I think they just made this one too. Odd. 

Doctor Tenma I hope you're still here. I believe we need to talk. 
[Action: Johan can be found sitting on the steps of the house and seemingly just watching nature, lost in thought.]
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 [Johan woke up.

And then stared at the ceiling as he remembered. 

He'd been shot. 

Tenma had shot him. Doctor Tenma had shot him and he'd died. 

True, the bullet had been for the Major, but in the end......Tenma had killed him.

He would have continued staring, lost in thought when he remembered.
Getting out of bed he went over to the phone. 
And stared.  Reached out, took his hand back and then continued to stare. 
For once. Johan had no idea what he was supposed to say. 
Tenma, Anna. You're going to have to come over and find him.]
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 [Filtered to any elementary school students.....and Tenma]

Considering the chaos in the recent days. I believe an early weekend is in order. Classes will not be held tomorrow. I would however like a write up of at least a sentence or two at the very least, on what happened to you these days and whether or not you were affected by the chaos.

I'll be in the class if anyone feels like dropping by anyway. Like I've said before, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'd be happy to listen. 

[/end filter]

[Tenma....someone left a present for you outside your house. It's a small box with a regular 1950's style gun. There's a note next to it.

"Just in case"
I wonder who it's from.


It is also possible to find Johan sitting in the park again. He's just sitting there and looking off into the distance. Clearly he needs to be bothered.] 
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[Filtered away from Anna]

I have a question Mayfield. I know we have to stay in our "assigned housing but we are able to leave at times. Does anyone know what the exact amount of time you are allowed to stay away from your house is?

I would be most appreciative.

[a. In his elementary school classroom, Johan is has a new assignment for you kids. Unlike his previous question this one is happier...maybe. Write about your family.

b. Stalking. His old habits are coming back into play. Don't mind him Anna, he has some creeping he needs to catch up on. Anyone else feel free to wonder why he seems to be following someone.

c. Walking by 337 Brady Lane. Aka: Stalking Part II. Do you live there? Are you walking by? Because a young man is watching the house from the sidewalk with a book in his hands.]
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 [Johan had an eventful weekend. Running around as a child he'd met a few people. Searched for his sister.

And more importantly....he found her.

Anna. And she said she'd forgiven him. She'd forgiven him.

He can't get her words out of his head and yet he can't believe them either.

So A very filtered phone call goes out to Anna  when Johan is back to normal. He picks the phone up a few times before. ]


[There is a long pause because he's not sure what you say ....Anna you're not supposed to be here. ]

We need to talk.
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[Well Mayfield. Have a soft German voice on the phone.]

Hello. Can someone please direct me to the Liebert household. I seem to be lost. 

[A. You can also see Johan looking around the town. If he see's you, he's going to walk over.]

Excuse me. Have you seen my sister?

[B. Sitting under a tree in the park. Looking quite distressed. Where is Anna?

C. He want's his sister. Where is Anna? What if they did something to her. Either way. Johan is not in a good mood and you can see him looking angry for once as he looks around the town some more. He's not going to stop till he finds her.

All replies will be from [ profile] welcomehomesis ]
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[Johan got two things back from the town. One, a normal set of clothing, didn’t really interest him and he was soon distracted by the second.A picture. A picture of Anna. So trying to get some air, you can find him in


A.      The park. And while he’s just sitting on a bench looking at a picture, if you’re a nosey/observing person you might be able to tell from his expression that this picture is important to him. The sense of longing in his eyes may be slightly creepy.


B.      However, if you don’t want to interrupt him. Walking home. He’s a little distracted from getting his photo back so, not really looking where he’s going. Running into people may happen as he’s still glancing now and then at the picture in his hands. ]

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 [Christmas morning comes and Johan finds his gift under the tree.



Anna was dead.

The only thing that mattered in the world was now gone. She was gone.

He picks up the phone. It's to the entire town because he's not sure who else to filter it to]

What's the point of this? To prove that I have nothing? You take away the one thing ....

[There is a pause as for once he's lost for words. No this wasn't right. This wasn't right]

Very well. Let's make things interesting.


a. In the house, holding onto the corpse of his sister

b. Placing his sisters dead body in a chair outside, facing the street. You might hear him talking to her.

c. Dangerous: Johan has a gun. He's killing drones and if you come up to him he'll try and shoot you as well. He's not that great a shot though so feel free to say it misses.]
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[Students, dear students. Don't you love the elementary teacher you have. He's always open to listen to your problems and unlike some creepy teachers, actually seems quite nice. He also does his best to make sure you're learning proper things.


a. In his class he's given you some writing exercises. "Write about the worst moment in your life."
b. After class, he's sitting at his desk flipping through a book and making some notes.

Fellow Teachers:

c. In the staffroom. Making some notes in his book. Yes he seems to be actually teaching his classes. Approach?]

[Voice to Mayfield]

Mayfield. If you don't mind. I have a question.

What do you think about the state of the world you come from?
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 [Hey Family. Johan is just going to be nice and start with the food for you all. He get's distracted though when the turkey starts to bleed. Ah. It's human blood. He recognizes that quickly enough. He will examine it for a while to see if there is any way of telling how it got in there. Then after that...]

They must have gone through a great deal of effort to fill a turkey full of human blood.

I wonder where the blood came from. Or should I say who?


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