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[Johan is dealing with the fact that Doctor Tenma is droned.....well, by ignoring it. He'll be back. He has to be back. So anyway, ignoring missing father figures. Might as well get back to wo- Oh. Right, the school was closed for the summer. How dull. He'll need to find something to do till then. ]

[Normal drone filter]

Hello Mayfield, my name is Johan Liebert and I teach in elementary school here. Considering it's the start of the summer and it looks like we'll be off for a few months, I was thinking we could organize some things to do for the kids. For when the town isn't trying to kill us of course. Maybe just meeting in the park and playing a game of soccer, or tag or something like that. 

If anyone's interested in joining a group like that, helping with it, or just has suggestions. I'd be happy to hear them. We  might as well make the best of this small break. 

[And Johan is bored again. Sigh. Trying not to kill people took even more effort then trying to kill them and it was less interesting too.  Today you can find him....
A. In the pharmacy, looking for something for a headache. 
B. In the park, sitting on a bench just watching a bird building a nest.
C. Just walking home with some flowers.]
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 [Filtered to any elementary school students.....and Tenma]

Considering the chaos in the recent days. I believe an early weekend is in order. Classes will not be held tomorrow. I would however like a write up of at least a sentence or two at the very least, on what happened to you these days and whether or not you were affected by the chaos.

I'll be in the class if anyone feels like dropping by anyway. Like I've said before, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'd be happy to listen. 

[/end filter]

[Tenma....someone left a present for you outside your house. It's a small box with a regular 1950's style gun. There's a note next to it.

"Just in case"
I wonder who it's from.


It is also possible to find Johan sitting in the park again. He's just sitting there and looking off into the distance. Clearly he needs to be bothered.] 
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[Filtered away from Anna]

I have a question Mayfield. I know we have to stay in our "assigned housing but we are able to leave at times. Does anyone know what the exact amount of time you are allowed to stay away from your house is?

I would be most appreciative.

[a. In his elementary school classroom, Johan is has a new assignment for you kids. Unlike his previous question this one is happier...maybe. Write about your family.

b. Stalking. His old habits are coming back into play. Don't mind him Anna, he has some creeping he needs to catch up on. Anyone else feel free to wonder why he seems to be following someone.

c. Walking by 337 Brady Lane. Aka: Stalking Part II. Do you live there? Are you walking by? Because a young man is watching the house from the sidewalk with a book in his hands.]
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[Students, dear students. Don't you love the elementary teacher you have. He's always open to listen to your problems and unlike some creepy teachers, actually seems quite nice. He also does his best to make sure you're learning proper things.


a. In his class he's given you some writing exercises. "Write about the worst moment in your life."
b. After class, he's sitting at his desk flipping through a book and making some notes.

Fellow Teachers:

c. In the staffroom. Making some notes in his book. Yes he seems to be actually teaching his classes. Approach?]

[Voice to Mayfield]

Mayfield. If you don't mind. I have a question.

What do you think about the state of the world you come from?
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[Johan had recieved a rather strange phone call. One telling him he'd been missing work for far too long. He'd calmly assured the annoyed woman on the phone line that he'd been missing due only to a slight cold and that he'd be in as soon as he was able.]

It seems like I've been asigned the role of a teacher here. Are there any students or teachers that will be in the elementary school also? Non drones I mean.

[Action: You can find Johan somewhere at the elementary school, probably in his classroom. He's just surveying the classroom, seeing what he has to work with.]


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