theboytwin: (Lost in thought is never good)
Johan Liebert ([personal profile] theboytwin) wrote2011-08-13 11:22 pm

Deception Seventeen: Lazy Days of Summer

I have to say it's rather interesting to see that people are trying to become the Police Chief. After all we know what happened to the last one don't we? It turns out there is death here after all. 

Please try and remember that. People seem to forget that under the cheerful facade this place is quite twisted and dark. At least until the next event  and then they forget again. It's not wise to let your guard down like that.

I'd also like to point out the very likely possibility of being droned into a copy of the man, or something along those lines. But I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.  

No holidays in August here, what a nice coincidence for them. 


A. In the library. There's a few open books about law on the table and some notes written down on a pad of paper. Johan is looking at a nearby shelf. Looking through the books. He's kind of blocking the way though, so if you're going to walk by, you'll have to ask him to move.

B. Just out for a walk. He's not really going anywhere, just felt like walking.

C. At the store buying what looks like a kite]

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