theboytwin: (Losing control)
Johan Liebert ([personal profile] theboytwin) wrote2010-12-25 01:15 pm

Deception Eight: He's Broken

 [Christmas morning comes and Johan finds his gift under the tree.



Anna was dead.

The only thing that mattered in the world was now gone. She was gone.

He picks up the phone. It's to the entire town because he's not sure who else to filter it to]

What's the point of this? To prove that I have nothing? You take away the one thing ....

[There is a pause as for once he's lost for words. No this wasn't right. This wasn't right]

Very well. Let's make things interesting.


a. In the house, holding onto the corpse of his sister

b. Placing his sisters dead body in a chair outside, facing the street. You might hear him talking to her.

c. Dangerous: Johan has a gun. He's killing drones and if you come up to him he'll try and shoot you as well. He's not that great a shot though so feel free to say it misses.]

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