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[Filtered away from Anna]

I have a question Mayfield. I know we have to stay in our "assigned housing but we are able to leave at times. Does anyone know what the exact amount of time you are allowed to stay away from your house is?

I would be most appreciative.

[a. In his elementary school classroom, Johan is has a new assignment for you kids. Unlike his previous question this one is happier...maybe. Write about your family.

b. Stalking. His old habits are coming back into play. Don't mind him Anna, he has some creeping he needs to catch up on. Anyone else feel free to wonder why he seems to be following someone.

c. Walking by 337 Brady Lane. Aka: Stalking Part II. Do you live there? Are you walking by? Because a young man is watching the house from the sidewalk with a book in his hands.]
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[Johan got two things back from the town. One, a normal set of clothing, didn’t really interest him and he was soon distracted by the second.A picture. A picture of Anna. So trying to get some air, you can find him in


A.      The park. And while he’s just sitting on a bench looking at a picture, if you’re a nosey/observing person you might be able to tell from his expression that this picture is important to him. The sense of longing in his eyes may be slightly creepy.


B.      However, if you don’t want to interrupt him. Walking home. He’s a little distracted from getting his photo back so, not really looking where he’s going. Running into people may happen as he’s still glancing now and then at the picture in his hands. ]


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