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[Does Johan seem ...odd today? Well that depends on who you are as Johan shows many faces to many people. But today he's oddly cheerful.

Action: Johan is walking the streets of Mayfield with a smile. ..]

Hello there. Could I ask you a question?

[And after a fun day of tormenting people. Johan walks back home...hello Housemates.]
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[If Johan never saw a cute or adorable thing again he'd be quite happy. Why yes someone did survive a tea party with a bunch of magical enchanted ponies that probably even bled sparkly rainbows. He wished he could have found that out. Right now the monster inside of him would like nothing more then to destroy something. Which considering his talks with Anna...isn't a good thing. Mayfield today you can find your resident monster.....

A. In the park. Sitting by himself. At least he was. A kitten stalked him here and is now curled up on his lap. 

B. In the house, he's just sweeping the floor of the kitchen and humming to himself. The kitten is following him as he sweeps, attempting to grab the broom.

C. Reading a book as he walks the halls of the school. He doesn't seem to be watching where he's walking. Bump into him?]
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 [Oh Mayfield. You get more and more interesting as the days pass.

Johan is outside observing the chaos around him. The fires, the people running. It's wonderful. Does he seem worried about being killed by the Hazmats? No. Not really. He is interested in what you think though Mayfield. So have a phone call.]

I wonder. How long will this last. 

Will they burn down the entire town, searching for this one person? 

If they are getting desperate, what will their next step much more can this escalate?


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