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[If Johan never saw a cute or adorable thing again he'd be quite happy. Why yes someone did survive a tea party with a bunch of magical enchanted ponies that probably even bled sparkly rainbows. He wished he could have found that out. Right now the monster inside of him would like nothing more then to destroy something. Which considering his talks with Anna...isn't a good thing. Mayfield today you can find your resident monster.....

A. In the park. Sitting by himself. At least he was. A kitten stalked him here and is now curled up on his lap. 

B. In the house, he's just sweeping the floor of the kitchen and humming to himself. The kitten is following him as he sweeps, attempting to grab the broom.

C. Reading a book as he walks the halls of the school. He doesn't seem to be watching where he's walking. Bump into him?]
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I have to say it's rather interesting to see that people are trying to become the Police Chief. After all we know what happened to the last one don't we? It turns out there is death here after all. 

Please try and remember that. People seem to forget that under the cheerful facade this place is quite twisted and dark. At least until the next event  and then they forget again. It's not wise to let your guard down like that.

I'd also like to point out the very likely possibility of being droned into a copy of the man, or something along those lines. But I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.  

No holidays in August here, what a nice coincidence for them. 


A. In the library. There's a few open books about law on the table and some notes written down on a pad of paper. Johan is looking at a nearby shelf. Looking through the books. He's kind of blocking the way though, so if you're going to walk by, you'll have to ask him to move.

B. Just out for a walk. He's not really going anywhere, just felt like walking.

C. At the store buying what looks like a kite]
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 [Johan woke up.

And then stared at the ceiling as he remembered. 

He'd been shot. 

Tenma had shot him. Doctor Tenma had shot him and he'd died. 

True, the bullet had been for the Major, but in the end......Tenma had killed him.

He would have continued staring, lost in thought when he remembered.
Getting out of bed he went over to the phone. 
And stared.  Reached out, took his hand back and then continued to stare. 
For once. Johan had no idea what he was supposed to say. 
Tenma, Anna. You're going to have to come over and find him.]
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 [Johan had an eventful weekend. Running around as a child he'd met a few people. Searched for his sister.

And more importantly....he found her.

Anna. And she said she'd forgiven him. She'd forgiven him.

He can't get her words out of his head and yet he can't believe them either.

So A very filtered phone call goes out to Anna  when Johan is back to normal. He picks the phone up a few times before. ]


[There is a long pause because he's not sure what you say ....Anna you're not supposed to be here. ]

We need to talk.


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