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 [Johan had been rather quiet after the whole "Super-hero" stint he'd had. He seemed to be pretending it hadn't happened. Then a package came in the mail.

It was the book.

Family, you may find him engrossed on the couch as he looks at it. He seems...well a little odd right now.

Or anyone else, he needed some air after that, so it's possible to find him in the park just....looking around.]
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 [Someone ate a sweet candy]


I know you are plagued by terrible villains. But fear no longer. For I ...the Surgeon am here to help you!

If you need any medical aid just ask me for assistance!

[And you can find Johan running around with a green surgeons mask on his face. He seems to be trying to help anyone who looks injured in anyway. His super power is healing people]
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 [Oh Mayfield. You get more and more interesting as the days pass.

Johan is outside observing the chaos around him. The fires, the people running. It's wonderful. Does he seem worried about being killed by the Hazmats? No. Not really. He is interested in what you think though Mayfield. So have a phone call.]

I wonder. How long will this last. 

Will they burn down the entire town, searching for this one person? 

If they are getting desperate, what will their next step much more can this escalate?
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[Johan had recieved a rather strange phone call. One telling him he'd been missing work for far too long. He'd calmly assured the annoyed woman on the phone line that he'd been missing due only to a slight cold and that he'd be in as soon as he was able.]

It seems like I've been asigned the role of a teacher here. Are there any students or teachers that will be in the elementary school also? Non drones I mean.

[Action: You can find Johan somewhere at the elementary school, probably in his classroom. He's just surveying the classroom, seeing what he has to work with.]
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[There is a young man out exploring the town. You may come across him in a few places.

A. At the park, watching people walk by, sitting on a bench.

B. At the library looking through the books.

C. At the store, buying a gun.]


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