theboytwin: (You shouldn't take his advice)
Johan Liebert ([personal profile] theboytwin) wrote2011-09-07 11:53 am

Deception Twenty: School Days...

Well it's the start of another school year. My name is Johan Liebert, I teach elementary school. If you're in that school feel free to come to my class regardless of age. I'm sure we can find something at your level.

[A. There is a nice young German man teaching elementary this year. He's taking time to talk with anyone who shows up in the classroom. He seems a little tired, but there's a smile and he seems nice.

B. Staffroom. Fellow elementary teachers, high school teachers. There's a rather tired looking young man pouring himself a cup of tea. If you come into the room he'll offer you a cup.

C. Walking home from school that day. Johan apparently is being stalked instead of the other way around for once. People can see him with a small black kitten. He's found following him.]