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Johan Liebert ([personal profile] theboytwin) wrote2011-05-09 09:37 pm

Deception Fifteen: Getting Tired of Being Shot in the Head

 [Action for household.

Johan wakes up suddenly. Hand clasping his forehead as he bolts up in the bed. His breathing is heavy, it's like he's woken up from a nightmare.

Which in a sense he was. At least if you counted being shot in the head as nightmare. The only difference was that this had actually happened.

And it wasn't Tenma.  He glances over to see the person laying next to him as he tries to calm his breathing.]

[Phone: Later that day. Johan sounds as calm as he always does.]
My sister and I are back. We seem to have moved houses though. We're now both at 836 Hastings Boulevard. Hm... I think they just made this one too. Odd. 

Doctor Tenma I hope you're still here. I believe we need to talk. 
[Action: Johan can be found sitting on the steps of the house and seemingly just watching nature, lost in thought.]