theboytwin: (Laughing or crying?)
Johan Liebert ([personal profile] theboytwin) wrote2011-03-21 09:45 am

Deception Fourteen: Brought back to life....again

 [Johan woke up.

And then stared at the ceiling as he remembered. 

He'd been shot. 

Tenma had shot him. Doctor Tenma had shot him and he'd died. 

True, the bullet had been for the Major, but in the end......Tenma had killed him.

He would have continued staring, lost in thought when he remembered.
Getting out of bed he went over to the phone. 
And stared.  Reached out, took his hand back and then continued to stare. 
For once. Johan had no idea what he was supposed to say. 
Tenma, Anna. You're going to have to come over and find him.]

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